NQCC is supporting the call launched by the University of Edinburgh for ‘PhD studentships in quantum computing’

The University of Edinburgh has launched its call for PhD studentships in quantum computing. The NQCC is working in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh through its Quantum Software Lab, We will support the cohort of students through a summer residential programme.

The studentships will be based in the School of Informatics at Edinburgh, and will involve developing a deep understanding of foundational quantum computing principles, quantum information, quantum software development, and mathematical modelling of different problems tailored to quantum sciences.

Research projects can focus on applications in different domains, ranging from particle physics to quantum computer architecture engineering, and from mathematical fundamentals to interfacing with high-performance computing.

Find out more information and how to apply at https://www.ed.ac.uk/informatics/postgraduate/fees/research-scholarships/research-grant-funding/phd-studentships-quantum-computing