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Read published documents related to the national and international quantum computing landscape.

UK Quantum Hackathon 2023 Technical Report

The UK Quantum Hackathon 2023 technical report shares details of the ten use cases the teams worked on at the event.

Quantum Economy Blueprint by World Economic Forum

The NQCC is pleased to have supported the release of the Quantum Economy Blueprint by contributing towards drafting and providing key pieces of evidence fulfilling the UK’s National Quantum Strategy, published by the World Economic Forum in collaboration with IBM and SandboxAQ.

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UK National Quantum Strategy

The NQCC welcomes the publication of the National Quantum Strategy and the commitment of £2.5 billion of investment, which reinforces the UK’s position as a world leader in the development and commercialisation of quantum technologies.

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2022 Quantum Readiness study

EY’s 2022 Quantum Readiness survey, produced in collaboration with the NQCC, has found that 81% of senior UK executives expect quantum computing to play a significant role in their industry by 2030.

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