The NQCC strategy

The NQCC aims to build on the scientific leadership the UK has established in quantum computing, working with its partners to solve technology challenges and realise the benefits of quantum computers.

Read our Strategic Intent document

The strategic goal for the NQCC is to secure a national capability in quantum computing, providing access to emerging technologies and platforms and supporting the growth of UK’s quantum ecosystem. By ensuring that the UK is ready to exploit this transformational technology, the NQCC aims to harness the power of quantum computing to deliver prosperity and security for the UK.

Working with partners across industry, government and the research community, the NQCC is creating these capabilities by co-ordinating and delivering a technical programme, establishing new R&D facilities, and sharing knowledge and expertise. Our strategic intent document (PDF, 3 MB) provides information on where the NQCC sits in the quantum landscape, and how we aim to build quantum readiness in the UK.

Our activities aim to attract industry investment, raise awareness and build skills to support the evolution of a quantum-ready economy. The NQCC’s initial five years is focussing on:

  • developing early-stage quantum computing platforms to demonstrate the technology
  • providing direct access to quantum developers and resources
  • promoting the formation of a strong technology supply chain
  • driving efforts towards a fully scalable, fault-tolerant, general-purpose quantum computing capability for the UK

The NQCC’s strategic intent is:

  • To establish a UK trusted authority
  • To create UK sovereign capability
  • To promote and drive quantum computing within the UK economy
  • To catalyse the UK supply chain delivery into the emerging quantum computing sector
  • To establish a focus for the rapid development of quantum computing in the UK
  • To create a landmark facility on the Harwell campus