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Charting the landscape for responsible and ethical quantum computing

Although at an early stage of development, quantum computing offers transformative potential across industry and wider society. Potential applications, including quantum machine learning, simulation, and optimisation, are being explored across sectors such as financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and scientific discovery. Future use cases, which could include the discovery of novel pharmaceuticals, optimising energy efficiency, […]

Wed 15 May 2024

Quantum horizons: Driving the future of healthcare and pharma

Last month, the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) hosted its inaugural workshop, “Quantum Computing for Healthcare and Pharma,” at the Royal Society in London. This one-day interactive event was aimed at exploring the transformative potential of quantum computing in revolutionising the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. The event convened leading experts from across the UK and […]

Wed 24 Apr 2024