About Us

The National Quantum Computing Centre is a new research centre, funded through UK Research and Innovation, which is dedicated to accelerating the development of quantum computing by addressing the challenges of scalability.

The Centre will work with businesses, government and the research community to deliver quantum computing capabilities for the UK and support the growth of the emerging industry.

Meet the NQCC teams

The leadership team are responsible for the design of the Centre, including its operating model, engagement strategy, the process to determine technology priorities and the design of the building.

As part of their work, they will engage broadly with key stakeholders in government, academia and industry to establish a user community, create a roadmap for the development programme and establish a Centre at the heart of the UK’s quantum computing community. The team brings together expertise and experience from across the UK’s quantum technology sector.

To support the governance and delivery of the NQCC, the leadership team are supported by a UKRI Programme Delivery Team and an external Programme Advisory Committee.

Leadership Team

Programme Advisory Committee

Facts, Figures & Funding

£93m investment by UKRI

  • 1st national centre since the establishment of UKRI

4 key technology work streams

  • 100+ qubit NISQ demonstrator hardware platform(s)
  • Quantum software, algorithm & applications development
  • Alternative candidate qubit technology development
  • Roadmap towards fault-tolerant general purpose quantum computing