Technology and research

The NQCC is bringing together hardware and software developers to build, test and host quantum computers, and to explore applications that harness the power of quantum computers, both now and in the future.

What is quantum computing?

Technology roadmap

The NQCC is the custodian of the UK’s technology roadmap for quantum computing, which directly informs the priorities for our research programmes. Developed through extensive consultation with academia and industry experts, the roadmap identifies the key development areas that are needed for the NQCC to demonstrate an operational quantum computer with more than 100 qubits by 2025. As we evolve the roadmap, it will guide our journey from the Noisy Intermediate-Scale Quantum (NISQ) regime towards universal fault-tolerant quantum computing.

Our research

The work of our technical teams spans the full quantum-computing stack, from the native hardware and software control systems through to applications development. Our goal is to demonstrate a full-stack quantum computer that can demonstrate a computational advantage for a range of tasks by 2025, with a near-term focus on hardware architectures based on trapped ions and superconducting circuits.

Collaborative R&D

The NQCC is partnering with businesses, government and the research community to deliver its technical programme. We commission external projects that deliver specific technology solutions, and support collaborative R&D projects that leverage existing capabilities and resources across the UK.