The NQCC presents an exciting opportunity to develop and enhance careers in a fast-paced, dynamic and innovative environment.


At the NQCC, we are seeking talented individuals to build a world-class team. We are committed to creating a new state-of-the-art facility and offer competitive employee benefits.

All NQCC vacancies will be advertised via the Careers Portal where you can sign up for alerts when our vacancies are released.

We welcome queries and expressions of interest at any time. Please contact HR for further information.

Below is the recruitment roadmap for the NQCC.

Leadership Team

Deputy Director for Programme Delivery

Deputy Director for Research

Operations Team

Training Manager

Cloud Services Manager

IT Systems Managers*

IT Systems Administrator

Security Officer/Manager

Safety Officer

Receptionists / Admin*

QC Platform Managers*

Procurement Officer

Electrical Facility Engineer

Mechanical Facility Engineer

Monitoring and Project Support Officer

Evaluation and Data Analyst

Innovation Team

Quantum Cluster Manager

Quantum Innovation Sector Leads*

Events Assistant

Quantum Applications Team Lead

Quantum Readiness Delivery Lead*

Technology Team

Hardware Engineers*

Software Engineers*

Lab Technicians

Staff Scientist

Lab Technicians

Superconducting Qubit Physicist*

Innovation Team

Outreach Officer

Engagement Officer – Responsible quantum computing

Quantum Readiness Delivery Leads*

Technology Team

Ion Trap Physicist

Superconducting Qubit Physicists*

Leadership Team

Chief Scientist

Operations Team

Programme Evaluation Manager

Programme Evaluation Analyst

Portfolio Project Manager

Project Managers* (2)

Finance Officer

Innovation Team

Application Engineers

Quantum Innovation Sector Lead

Technology Team

Superconducting H/W Development Manager

Superconducting Qubit Physicist

Ion Trap Physicist

Hardware Engineers

Software Engineers

NQCC Fellowships

Leadership Team


Deputy Director for Innovation

Deputy Direcfor for Operations

Operations Team

Programme Manager

Facility Manager

Quality Officer

Office Manager

Innovation Team

Communications Officer

Business Development Manager

Outreach & Engagement Officer

Technology Team

Trapped Ions H/W Development Manager

Software Systems Development Manager

Ion Trap Physicists* (4)

Position filled

* Multiple positions (partially filled)

All NQCC vacancies will be advertised via the Careers Portal, where you can search for jobs for the NQCC.