Announcing the launch of the 2022 Quantum Readiness study by EY in collaboration with the National Quantum Computing Centre

EY’s 2022 Quantum Readiness survey, produced in collaboration with the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC), has found that 81% of senior UK executives expect quantum computing to play a significant role in their industry by 2030.

Quantum computing is in its relative infancy as a technology, but its transformative potential is already being recognised by the UK’s business leaders. Despite growing anticipation among senior leaders, strategic planning for quantum computing is in early stages for most organisations.

Dr Simon Plant, Deputy Director for Innovation, National Quantum Computing Centre said:

“Quantum computing is expected to significantly speed up the time to solution for certain tasks, addressing computational problems that are currently intractable using conventional digital technologies. The pace of development is accelerating, and the question is how and when – not if – quantum computing can address industrially-relevant use cases. There is a perceived first-mover advantage in being prepared to harness the capabilities as they emerge and build resilience into forward plans.”

The NQCC is working with businesses, government and the research community to deliver quantum computing capabilities for the UK and support the growth of the emerging industry. This report is a key part of that work helping explain why the UK needs to be at the forefront of quantum computing and to demonstrate how strategically important this technology is to the country.

Source: Press release by EY, posted here.

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