Programme Management Update

The NQCC interim leadership team were appointed in Feb 2020 and tasked with the design of the centre, including its operating model and community engagement, development of the process to determine technology platform priorities and the design of the building.

As announced, at London Tech Week, important milestones in the delivery of the Centre have been achieved enabling the formal launch of the Centre and planned ramping up of operations. A key part of this initialising activity has been, in consultation with a wide group of UK experts, a detailed technology roadmap for the first 18-24 months of the Centre’s activities. This roadmapping activity has been directed on behalf of NQCC by Prof Simon Benjamin. With this milestone work now complete, Simon has stepped down from his role as Interim Deputy Director for Research and as part of the NQCC leadership team. Simon’s expertise is highly valued and he will join the NQCC Technical Advisory Group to enable the management team to continue to benefit from his knowledge.

The NQCC management team, Programme Advisory Committee and EPSRC/STFC sponsors would like to thank Simon for the tremendous contribution he has made to the establishment of the NQCC and the expertise he has brought to the technology roadmapping activity which will set the NQCC well on its way to achieve the goals and aims as a UK authority on quantum computing.