NQCC welcomes the publication of Regulatory Horizons Council (RHC) report on regulating quantum technologies

The Regulatory Horizons Council (RHC) has published the report Regulating Quantum Technology Applications, commissioned as part of the UK’s National Quantum Strategy. The report is an independent review of regulatory considerations for quantum technologies, commissioned by the DSIT’s Office for Quantum. It proposes a proportional, adaptive, and balanced regulatory approach to ensure the responsible, ethical and safe development and use of quantum technologies.

The RHC’s report covers three core themes:

  • Regulatory frameworks and governance
  • Standards and international collaboration
  • Innovation funding and market development

The report outlines recommendations for the following quantum technologies:

  1. Quantum sensing, timing, and imaging
  2. Quantum communications
  3. Quantum computing

The NQCC is pleased to have supported the release of the report and looks forward to continuing its support in delivering on these efforts.

Read the full report here.