NQCC publishes its third annual report

NQCC publishes its third annual report ahead of the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase taking place tomorrow in London

2023 saw several key milestones for the NQCC. Our Innovation Hub is complete, the main facility has reached its final fit-out, the Quantum Software Lab (QSL) has been established in Edinburgh, and our temporary labs for trapped ions and control systems development have been fully commissioned. We have also hosted multiple community events, commissioned a series of funding calls – including the £30m investment we are making in state-of-the-art quantum computing testbeds – and secured cloud access to third-party quantum compute resources. At the same time, our team has grown to 60 outstanding technologists, scientists, and professionals.

We are pleased to publish today the online version of our third annual report outlining the details of progress made by the centre in the past year, as well as the outlook, and next steps.

Pick up a printed copy at the QT Showcase tomorrow from our booth (# A2).

Read the 2023 annual report here:  https://engagementhub.ukri.org/stfc-nqcc/575cce4c/