NQCC joins EPSRC to fund researches on the interface of quantum computing and ICT

The National Quantum Computing Centre joins the project led by the University of Glasgow with researchers from the Universities of Birmingham, Lancaster, Southampton, Strathclyde, University College London, and King’s College London, the Science and Technology Facilities Council, QuantIC, QCS Hub, IET Quantum Engineering Network, EPSRC eFutures Network, and the National Physical Laboratory as well as industrial partners including Oxford Instruments, Leonardo, NuQuantum, BT, SeeQC, Semiwise, Quantumbase, Nokia, Ericsson, Kelvin Nanotechnology, and SureCore. The consortium will tackle technical barriers to the practical scaling of quantum computers in three key areas: optical interconnects, wireless control and readout, and cryoelectronics.

The Empowering Practical Interfacing of Quantum Computing (EPIQC) project brings together researchers to work on the interface of quantum computing and ICT through co-creation and networking activities. This collaboration maps to the NQCC technology roadmap theme of underpinning technologies for hardware scaling.

For more information, please visit the University of Glasgow website here.