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The quantum computing landscape is developing rapidly as we establish the centre. Keep up to date with progress of the NQCC programme and the quantum community here.

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The NQCC welcomes the Chancellor’s announcement of a quantum computing mission as a part of the Autumn Statement

In this week’s Autumn Statement, the Chancellor announced a series of quantum technology missions, which will enable the UK to maintain a leading position in the critical technology domains of quantum computing, networking, sensing and navigation, aligned with the ambitions of the National Quantum Strategy. The Chancellor’s statement also made reference to the National Quantum […]

Fri 24 Nov 2023

The NQCC is partnering on the project awarded to Rigetti Computing by Innovate UK

A project to enhance quantum machine learning methods for anti-money laundering detection has been awarded to Rigetti Computing by Innovate UK. Rigetti will be joined by HSBC, the Quantum Software Lab based at the University of Edinburgh, and the National Quantum Computing Centre to work to improve the performance of quantum algorithms for anomaly detection, […]

Wed 08 Nov 2023

NQCC announces the signing of an agreement with IBM

The National Quantum Computing Centre signs agreement with IBM to provide quantum computing access to UK academic, research, and public sector organisations The NQCC today announces an agreement with IBM for the centre to provide UK researchers with cloud access to IBM Quantum’s Premium Plan, including IBM’s fleet of quantum computing systems, with the aim […]

Thu 02 Nov 2023

NQCC publishes its third annual report

NQCC publishes its third annual report ahead of the UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase taking place tomorrow in London 2023 saw several key milestones for the NQCC. Our Innovation Hub is complete, the main facility has reached its final fit-out, the Quantum Software Lab (QSL) has been established in Edinburgh, and our temporary labs for […]

Wed 01 Nov 2023

Development and delivery of quantum computing testbeds in the UK

Announcing the launch of the main SBRI competition today – up to £30 million funding available Following the Expression of Interest call to develop and deliver quantum computing testbeds (prototype quantum computers) in the UK, the NQCC is pleased to announce the launch of the main SBRI competition today through Innovate UK. With funding of […]

Tue 22 Aug 2023

The NQCC appoints a Deputy Director for Programme Delivery

The National Quantum Computing Centre announces Anne-Claire Blet joining the team as the Deputy Director for Programme Delivery. This is a key role within the NQCC’s Senior Leadership Team with primary responsibility for leading the delivery of programme management, both for the NQCC’s core programme and the Quantum Computing Mission, which is being delivered with […]

Thu 20 Jul 2023