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Quantum Features

Quantum computing harnesses the properties of quantum mechanics, which governs how the world operates at the level of individual atoms, electrons, photons (particles of light). They operate in a fundamentally different way from conventional computers. Quantum computers are expected to tackle certain computational problems that are beyond the reach of conventional digital computing technologies, including supercomputers, and are expected to co-exist […]

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The Quantum Stack

Like regular computers, quantum computers are made up of hardware and software. One way we can think of quantum computers is by visualising ‘the quantum stack’ which includes hardware, error correction, algorithms and finally applications.

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A guide to online resources for learning quantum computing

So you have finally been persuaded - quantum computing is cool - and you have decided to embark on the journey of learning the ropes. First off, congratulations on taking the first step! This article is an attempt at helping you go from that decision to landing on the learning resource that fits you best.