Innovation & Outreach

Innovation & Engagement

Innovation will be at the core of the NQCC’s activities. The NQCC seeks to work with partners across industry, government and the research community, supporting the development of the wider ecosystem for quantum computing in the UK.  This approach will allow the NQCC to deliver its technical programme, whilst catalysing the growth of the UK’s QC industry and maintaining the pathway to commercialisation. The NQCC also aims to act as a beacon internationally, representing an entry point into the UK ecosystem, and enabling the formation of partnerships and collaborations more broadly.

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UK Industries

The UK already has a vibrant and growing community of start-up and spin-out companies, for both QC hardware and software, as well as a thriving emerging supply chain, featuring well-established companies that range from global businesses through to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The UK is also home to large companies that represent important potential end users of QC, in sectors that include materials, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, energy, aerospace, defence and financial services.


The NQCC aims to build mutually beneficial partnerships, working with tech developers and potential end users in the business and research communities, to deliver assured quantum computing capabilities, and through enabling access to early prototypes, further empower the user community and drive the applications-based development of quantum computing.

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