UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase 2023

The UK National Quantum Technologies Showcase is an initiative by the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme (NQTP) that aims to ensure the successful transition of quantum technologies from laboratory to industry.

The NQCC has a series of exciting announcements to make in and around the Showcase. Meet us at our booth (A2), join the Keynotes, presentations, and panel discussions throughout the day, which the NQCC is contributing to.

10.15 am: Keynote presentation by Professor Elham Kashefi, Chief Scientist, NQCC (at the Auditorium)

10.50 am: An update on the NQCC programme by Dr Michael Cuthbert, Director, NQCC (By invitation only, at the B/C Halls)

2 pm: Panel on ‘10 years of National Quantum Strategy’, participated by Dr Sonali Mohapatra, Quantum Innovation Lead, NQCC (at the Auditorium).