The NQCC’s UK Quantum Hackathon 2023

The NQCC’s UK quantum hackathon is back for its second year! The Hackathon is a technical hackathon aimed at addressing the whole quantum computing value chain to demonstrate its ability to tackle real-world problems in various sectors.

Our hackathon is part of the NQCC’s Quantum Readiness programme, aimed at exploration and awareness-raising for the current capabilities and limitations of quantum computing technology, as well as at nurturing the talent pipeline and convening stakeholders.

The hackathon is for UK-based master’s students through to postdocs interested in quantum computing. It will take place in person on the 25th and 26th of July at the University of Birmingham. Attendees will be put into small teams, balancing skills and quantum expertise, and each team will work on one assigned use case. Before the hackathon, the teams will be provided information on the use cases and training on the quantum software development environments. During the hackathon, mentors from the use case providers, the quantum computing providers, and the NQCC applications team will support the teams. The event will close with judging the proposed solutions and announcing the winning team.

Read about our 2022 Quantum Hackathon here.