Responsible Quantum Industry Forum 2024

The NQCC is convening a Responsible Quantum Industry Forum, with UKQuantum and techUK as industry co-chairs, to support the UK’s quantum industry in developing and using quantum technologies responsibly.

About the Forum

Quantum technologies, including computing, communications, and sensing, have the potential for transformative impacts. As these technologies become more widely adopted in the UK and beyond, it is critical that they are developed and used responsibly, as emphasised by the strong focus in the UK’s National Quantum Strategy to responsible innovation, ethical use, and societal good. While many organisations are keen to put responsible quantum into action, it may be challenging to know where to start.  

To support the UK’s quantum ecosystem in these aims, the NQCC is convening a Responsible Quantum Industry Forum (RQIF), led by the NQCC with UKQuantum and techUK as industry co-chairs. The objective of the Forum is to co-develop and embed shared principles for responsible quantum technologies, and support organisations in operationalising them.  The aim is for the Forum to meet quarterly, with an initial in-person meeting in 2024, and subsequent virtual meetings.

Participating organisations will have the opportunity to provide input into shared responsible quantum principles, and share and learn from best practices from other organisations across the quantum ecosystem.  

Webinar Briefing – Monday 15th January

For further information, we kindly invite you to join our webinar briefing on Monday 15th January 2024.

First Forum meeting – Monday 29th January

The first meeting will be an in-person event, held on Monday 29th January 2024, with the focus of establishing a working draft of responsible quantum principles.    

Expression of Interest and Event Registration

 Please complete the Expression of Interest form via the link above to express your interest in participating in the Forum, register for the webinar and initial meeting, or request further details.