NQCC exclusive event by techUK

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With the UK National Quantum Strategy imminent, the completion of the NQCC campus in Harwell expected, and UK quantum companies raising stronger funding rounds than ever before, the UK’s Quantum Future looks bright! But the UK is not the only pioneering nation in quantum, and there have been calls for Government, academia and industry to work together to push the UK further as a global pioneer in quantum technologies, or risk being left behind.

This event is an opportunity to take stock of the UK’s quantum ecosystem, understand what has been working well, and what is now needed to capitalise on the opportunity for quantum technologies.

In particular this event will address:

  • Moving beyond boom and bust hype cycles, what advances can we expect of quantum technologies in the coming year, and the next five years?
  • Will the UK take an approach to prioritise certain quantum technologies or successes as we move towards commercialisation as seen in the Canadian Quantum Strategy?
  • With the publication of the UK Quantum Strategy imminent, what role will the NQCC play in applying that Strategy, and what will success look like?
  • What realistic advances in the NQCC can we expect in the next year, and what will this mean for the development of the UK’s quantum ecosystem?