NPL Joint Symposium on Quantum Technologies

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Join us at the invited talk by Dr Jochen Wolf, National Quantum Computing Centre on the 14th of September.

Talk title: Trapped-Ion Quantum Computing: Deployment by the NQCC and the Roadmap

About the Speaker: Dr Jochen Wolf, Trapped Ions Hardware Development Manager, leads the trapped ion quantum computing effort at the National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC). He has a background in ion trapping both in academia as a PhD at the University of Oxford, and in industry working with the Oxford Ionics.

Talk abstract: The National Quantum Computing Centre (NQCC) represents a £93m investment over 5 years. One of the key technology work streams of the national centre is to establish a 100+ qubit NISQ demonstrator hardware platform by 2025. The NQCC is starting with two hardware platforms; superconducting and trapped ion based. As the lead on the trapped ion based approach, Dr Jochen Wolf will talk about the NQCC’s technology roadmap starting with a description of its first system, as well as plans for the future.