London Tech Week 2022

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The NQCC is pleased to participate in The Quantum Computing Summit held during the London Tech Week 2022, which will bring in 20,000+ global government and corporate leaders, start-up founders, senior investors, and tech professionals to discuss the power of technology for societies.

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

9:40 am: Keynote by Dr Simon Plant, Deputy Director for Innovation, NQCC

The work of the NQCC plays a fundamental role in extending and capitalising on the scientific leadership the UK has established in quantum computing. Having entered phase 2 of the National Quantum Technologies Programme, this presentation will offer an update about the work of the centre across its four key technology workstreams:

  • 100+ qubit NISQ demonstrator hardware platform(s)
  • High performance, scalable qubit technology development
  • Quantum software, algorithm & applications development
  • Roadmap and architecture towards fault-tolerant general-purpose quantum computing

Thursday, June 16th, 2022

12:55 PM to 1:25 PM: Join Dr Simon Plant, Deputy Director for Innovation, NQCC for the following panel discussions –

The BIG Debate: What’s the best approach to create scalable quantum computers?