3rd Commercialising Quantum Global 2024

NQCC will be participating in the 3rd Annual Commercialising Quantum Global conference, bringing together end-users and leaders from the entire quantum ecosystem.

With over 700 attendees, featuring 100 speakers across more than 60 sessions, the primary objective of the event is to showcase the types of challenges quantum computing could address. It also aims to guide leaders in leveraging their potential and identifying strategic investments that yield optimal business outcomes.

Visit our stand at the event to meet the NQCC team.

Our Chief Scientist, Elham Kashefi, will also participate in a panel discussion on the second day, speaking about ‘the quantum entanglement fabric: enabling modular and scalable quantum data centres’

Dr Sonali Mohapatra and Dr Mariana Manso, who are Quantum Innovation Sector Leads at NQCC, will be joining the following closed Roundtable on the 6th of June.


Title –  How can your organisation harness quantum utility?

Host – Jay Gambetta, IBM fellow and vice-president, IBM Quantum

Moderator- Dexter Thillien, Lead technology and telecoms analyst, Economist Intelligence Unit

Deep dive into the technological progress in both quantum hardware and software that open up opportunities to explore utility-scale problems. Why does utility matter for large-scale applications and quantum advantage? How does quantum computing become a scientific tool in your organisation alongside classical computing, and the role of quantum-centric supercomputing. Discuss what are the meaningful use cases that the quantum industry can tackle together with the latest advances

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