Strategic Intent

The NQCC will be an integral part of the National Quantum Technologies Programme and is designed to extend and capitalise on the scientific leadership the UK has established in this emerging technology.

Working with partners across industry, government and the research community, the NQCC will create the necessary R&D capabilities through coordination and delivery of a technical programme, alongside the commissioning and operation of new facilities, to deliver assured quantum computing capability, enabling the UK to remain internationally competitive.

The strategic intent is:

  • To establish a UK trusted authority
  • To create UK sovereign capability
  • To promote and drive quantum computing within the UK economy
  • To catalyse the UK supply chain delivery into the emerging quantum computing sector
  • To establish a focus for the rapid development of quantum computing in the UK
  • To create a landmark facility on the Harwell campus

The strategic intent document (PDF, 3 MB) provides information on where the NQCC sits in the quantum landscape, and how it intends to build quantum readiness in the UK.

A quantum-ready economy is one that can take advantage of the opportunities presented by quantum computing to generate and retain value across the economy to achieve societal benefits, prosperity, and security.