The NQCC is an active partner in the National Quantum Technologies Programme. We host, sponsor and participate in a variety of events. Find out where to catch up with members of our team in the coming months.

Previous Events

Quantum.Tech Virtual

30 September 2021

Quantum.Tech UK Virtual - a one-day conference focussing on the commercialisation of Quantum for enterprise solution applications and real-world user case studies

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Quantum.Tech Leaders Summit

28 September 2021

Quantum.Tech UK Leaders Summit - a one-day three-track conference covering the entire quantum ecosystem

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Integrating Quantum Computers in Condensed Matter Physics Simulations

23 - 24 September 2021

This mini-colloquium will bring together experts from the quantum computing community to give an overview and to generate ideas for further quantum computing applications within condensed matter physics

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NQCC’s Breaking-ground Ceremony

20 September 2021

The National Quantum Computing Centre holds a breaking-ground ceremony to celebrate the commencement of the construction for its new facility.

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